Charlie George, SDA President 2019-2020
Abou Ben Adhem, Springfield Missouri

Registration is now open for the 2020 SDA Convention hosted by Aladdin Shrine. Go here to register: 2020 Registration 


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Stunt Winners For 2019: 

First Place, Stunt # 21, "Thailand Tickler" FRANCIS CHAPLIN, DIRECTOR, Midian Shriners


Second Place, Stunt # 6, "Pucker Up" Francis Chaplin, Director, MIDIAN Shriners

Third Place, Stunt # 15, "Rat Trap" Darrel Jones, Director, Abou Ben Adhem Shriners

Fourth Place, Stunt # 3, " The Duck Race" Danny Hayward, Director, Omar Shriners

Fifth Place, Stunt # 8, "Spin The Bottle" Richard Loch, Director, Tripoli Shriners

Sixth Place, Stunt # 18, "The Stretcher" Scott Colvin, Director, Ben Ali Shriners

The President's Trophy, selected by 2019 President Chuck Oheim was Stunt # 20, "The Stretcher", Scott Colvin, Director, Ben Ali Shriners

The Best New Stunt Award, Stunt # 8, "Spin The Bottle", Richard Loch, Director, Tripoli Shriners







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2019 Member of the Year 

Sam Piper
Ben Hur Shrine
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Meet the new 
2019-2020 SDA Director Gereral

Ill Sir Mike Taylor
Haidi Shrine
Evansville, IN

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