Chuck Oheim, SDA President 2018-2019
Abou Ben Adhem, Springfield Missouri

The 2019 SDA will be hosted by Abou Ben Adhem in Springfield Missouri on April 24-27.

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SDA 2018 Pictures


Stunt Winners For 2018: 

First Place, Stunt # 21, "Barber Chair" ROBIN MARSHALL, DIRECTOR, Hadi Shriners

Second Place, Stunt # 9, "Tee Off" Doug Dockrill, Director, Tunis Shriners

Third Place, Stunt # 19, "Milk Battleship" Joe Wynn, P.P., Director, Rizpah Shriners

Fourth Place, Stunt # 13, " Melon Race" Jim Kinley, Director, Ben Hur Shriners

Fifth Place, Stunt # 18, "Kleenex Box" Jeff Robeano, Director, Aladdin Shriners

Sixth Place, Stunt # 5, "Shave Him" Eddie Perez, Director, Bahia Shriners

The President's Trophy, selected by 2018 President Dennis Saikaley was Stunt # 16, "Fist Bump", Jeff Robeano, Director, Aladdin Shriners

The Best New Stunt Award, Stunt # 9, "Tee Off", Doug Dockrill, Director, Tunis Shriners