2014 - 2015 SDA President, Robert Mallett
Ben Hur Shrine, Austin,TX.


The 2015 SDA Convention will be hosted by Alee Shriners in Savannah, GA. on April 15-18.

Register Now!! Late registration begins February 16th and deadline is March 15th:

Cover Letter, See Whats Happening: coverpage Schedule  
Reistration Form in .pdf:  Registration Form  
Fill Out Form Online & Print: Online Form (preferred)
Credit Card Authorization Form: credit card form 
You may pay registration & hotel by either check or credit card.  However, Alee needs this form filled out for Hotel reservation even if paying by check. 

Hotel Information:  Alee Directors Staff is handeling ALL hotel reservations. See Cover page.

You may scan & email forms to: Lex.Bazemore@Ferguson.com


View Pictures of last years 2014 SDA Convention in Mt. Pleasant:

click here to view pictures from SDA 2014



Stunt Winners For 2014: 

First Place, Stunt # 11, "Frozen T-Shirt Contest" TOMMY SASSER JR., DIRECTOR, SUDAN. They also received the "Traveling Trophy" which they must bring to SDA 2015 for the next #1 Stunt winner.

Second Place, Stunt # 31, "Lend a Noble Your Phone" Pradip Patel, Director,Tunis

Third Place, Stunt # 28, "Small Novice" Donny Gonzalez, Director,Ben Hur

Fourth Place, Stunt # 9, "Bucket Trick" Lex Bazemore, Director, Alee

Fifth Place, Stunt # 4, "Plumb Bob Boogie" Robin Marshall, Director,Hadi

Sixth Place, Stunt # 32, "Sward Chop" Cliff Weaver, Director, El Kahir

The President's Trophy, selected by President Michael Zinser was Stunt # 2, "Aadland Duck Hunting", Gene Rands, Director, Aad

The Best New Stunt Award, Stunt # 31, "Lend a Noble Your Phone", Pradip Patel, Director, Tunis