2015 - 2016 SDA President, Fred Smith
Midian Shrine, Wichita, KS.


The 2016 SDA Convention will be hosted by Melha Shriners in Springfield, MA. on April 13-16.

Registration Information will be available in the Fall of 2015. 


View Pictures From Previous SDA Conventions:

SDA 2015 pictures in Savannah, GA.

SDA 2014 pictures in Mt. Pleasant, SC 

SDA 2013 pictures in Knoxville, TN (presidents banquet)

SDA 2013 pictures in Knoxville, TN (directors breakfast) 


Stunt Winners For 2015: 

First Place, Stunt # 17, "Time Trials" PRADIP PATEL., DIRECTOR, TUNIS. They also received the "Traveling Trophy" which they must bring to SDA 2016 for the next #1 Stunt winner.

Second Place, Stunt # 10, "Missing Eggs" Bob West, Director, Sudan

Third Place, Stunt # 11, "The Water Race" Mike Ward, Director, Midian

Fourth Place, Stunt # 26, " The Wood Splitter" Keith Kincaid, Director, Oasis

Fifth Place, Stunt # 16, "Journey to Mecca" Sam Pansulla, Director, Azan

Sixth Place, Stunt # 25, "Turkey Call" Joe Schoner, Director, Tripoli

The President's Trophy, selected by President Robert Mallett was Stunt # 10, "Missing Egg", Bob West, Director, Sudan

The Best New Stunt Award, Stunt # 26, "The Wood Splitter", Keith Kincaid, Director, Oasis