"Big Bad" Michael Zinser, 2013-2014 SDA President


The 2014 SDA Convention will be hosted by Omar Shriners in Mt. Pleasant, SC on March 26-29. Registration information is now available.
This year Omar will NOT be accepting credit cards for registration so please fill out the form on line, print and mail with payment. 

Convention Information: Convention Information
Schedule of Events: Schedule
Registration & Housing Here: Registration & Housing Page
      (please fill out form online then print & mail w/payment)
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Registration Form 

Bring a Stunt It's what we are all about.
Deadline to register your stunt is March 7th. Get stunt forms here: Stunt Information 2014

View Pictures of last years 2013 SDA Convention:

click here for Presidents Banquet 
click here for Directors Breakfest 



Stunt Winners For 2013: 

First Place, Stunt # 15, "Wheel of Misfortune" SCOTT STARNES, DIRECTOR, OASIS. They also received the "Traveling Trophy" which they must bring to SDA 2014 for the next #1 Stunt winner.

Second Place, Stunt # 17, "Be Still for Texas" Ron Trine, Director, Alzafar

Third Place, Stunt # 28, "Going to Recorder's School" Roger Townsend, Director, Al Amin

Fourth Place, Stunt # 12, "Man Gravy" Fred Smith, Director, Midian

Fifth Place, Stunt # 27, "Ben Ali Ping Pong" Bill Dees, Director, Ben Ali

Sixth Place, Stunt # 19, "Smoke Cannon" 
Fred Smith, Director, Midian

The President's Trophy, selected by President Dale Holeman was Stunt # 2, "Pump and Dump", Tommy Sasser Jr., Director, Sudan

The Best New Stunt Award, Stunt # 8, "Thread the Needle", Greg Barg, Director, Tripoli